Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Last night as I was flipping channels I saw the last few minutes of The Apprentice and I sat stunned as I heard Trump declare, "I know a lot about design,...and I thought your design stunk..." From what I could tell, he was right. The losing team did have a crap design while the other team did the right thing and outsourced all of their graphics. Unfortunately, the local printers let them down and their display was incomplete. That's not really the point, the point here is that Trump, who admittedly spends millions of dollars on designed environments where creating an eye catching product counts, really believes that he knows a lot about design. As an arbiter of taste, Trump and his incredible comb-over (over/under/about/topping?) fail miserably. Yet he would disagree (of course, he would also disagree about his involvement in two corporations he headed filing Chapter 11 in the last decade). This is a problem. People of power and influence who entrust decisions to their lawyers or accountants but see themselves as experts of design. I'm not saying Trump doesn't know his market, he clearly does, but his "market" obviously are as ignorant to design and design issues as he is. This is one reason (of many) why North American (particularly Canadian) industries will fail. Their complete lack of investment in design and design professionals.