Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's finally happened. The years of joking have given way to a real live product. Spray-on Mud is an easy to use, can of mud to spray on your SUV - when the "U" stands for Urban and the worst dirt you're likely to get on your 4X4 is a spilled latté or perhaps a heavy tree pollination. What could be next? Vitamin infused toilet paper? Street heroin, laced with influenza innoculations? I don't why those two came to mind. The idea of the gas guzzling 4X4 seems to be reaching its zenith as even the U.S. military are tiring of having to invade oil rich countries to top up their Hummers. As the military experiment with hybrid hummers that get 55mpg (as opposed to 11) you can envision the elite of North America, driving to the farmer's market in their eco-minded hybrid truck, covered with freshly sprayed canned mud. That's it, the funeral parade of the all American Male.