Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Oscar for Best Animated Short is arguably one of the biggest acheivements an independent animator can hope for. Certainly, it's the most well known. A nomination garners attention and winning can be a spring board to more funding or bigger projects. Recently, studios such as Pixar have created shorts for theatrical release but for the most part these films are the orphans of the film world. The tradition of cartoons before features is long gone as such a film would eat into the vendors confection sales or their advertising time. Too short even for Teletoon or the Cartoon Network, these films can only hope to be picked up to play in a festival or added to a compilation such as Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation. CBC's late night youth oriented arts showcase, Zed, has been one of the few places experimental short films can be seen in this country. Thank goodness then for Animation World Network's Oscar showcase. Watch clips of this and previous year's nominees in both the Short and Feature Length categories, and check out the winning short, "Harvie Krumpet".