Friday, February 14, 2003

Metropolis Magazine's Web site, to me, is an archetype of what a good magazine should do. They provide glimpses of current articles and a nice selection of archival articles. Notably, even if they don't have a full article, they will have a brief description with any possible off-site links. Plus, they have a good selection of links to anything else mentioned in the magazine and links to advertiser's sites (rather than cluttering their own site too much)They've really got the online presence of their real world mag down pat. My only regret of Metropolis is not so much with the publishers but with the inclusion of comics by Ben Katchor. I've nothing against Mr. Katchor, the writing is funny, the style is all his own and his colours are great, yet, I can't help feeling that he has the market cornered on Humourous Design Cartoons by process of exclusivity - no one else is doing it so he has a de facto patent on it. Really, I just can't help feeling that I could do that and better. There I said it. Now I have to show it. Soon, my prettys, soon.